A greater attention to environmental issues and to sustainability has led companies to review their priorities and internal processes, to better meet the needs of the circular economy. Sustainability can be achieved by decreasing the consumption of natural resources and/or by recycling products necessary to people’s life, for example. The packaging designed for food and products of personal use has allowed for several decades to decrease the waste of perishable products and to considerably improve consumers’ safety.

We believe in an economic progress that is sustainable and compatible with our environment.

In particular, flexible packaging available in the food and personal use market allowed to obtain ongoing improvements in safety and preservation of products. As a result, the costs of production chains have considerably improved. The option of combining different plastic films, each with its own functional characteristics, has led to the necessary preservation performance.


Three are the adjectives that underlie the concept of sustainability of packaging for food and personal use items: reuse, reduce and recycle. The concept of being reusable does not apply to flexible packaging. The concept of reduction is understood as a decrease in the thickness or density of the films, and therefore less use of plastic.

There are two different approaches for recycling: mechanical and chemical recycling. The former does not currently apply to food packaging, whereas the latter promises important industrial developments. For instance, the post-consumer waste treatment carried out in special pyrolysis plants allow to obtain industrial oils that become raw materials for the production plants of materials for plastic films that make up the flexible packaging.

In order to optimize these recycling processes, it is necessary to adopt single material packaging laminates made with the same polymeric origin.


With this in mind, Ticinoplast has been recently focusing on the research of solutions that reduce packaging weight by decreasing the thickness of more technical films and the density of foams. Such research has led to the development, together with its international partners, of bi-oriented polyethylene films, suitable both for printing processes and upgrade through coating and vacuum processes, that guarantee gas, aroma and water vapor barrier.

This has led Ticinoplast to manufacture products that meet the requirements of the circular economy.

Such solutions translate into the production of films designed to create compostable and renewable mono-material packaging. In June 2020 the NEXTFILMbyTicinoplast line was launched: a new generation of films for packaging, that conveys the company’s commitment towards circular economy and the environment.



Ticinoplast adopts a forest of 100 trees for the next 3 years thanks to the collaboration with Treebù, a benefit company and innovative startup founded in Italy by a team of engineers and agronomists. A dedicated dashboard accessible online shows the number of trees planted and the amount of CO₂ absorbed, offering a complete view of the […]

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We are proud to share that Ticinoplast has been awarded the Silver Medal from EcoVadis, a globally recognised and trusted sustainability rating system used to help businesses become more sustainable in four key areas: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. These milestones reflect our commitment to social responsibility, ethical operations for a […]

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Supportive transport with Progetti del Cuore

Care and support for our community are key aspect for Ticinoplast. For this reason, we have decided to enthusiastically support the association Progetti del Cuore in collaboration with the civil protection of Rho, contributing to the purchase and maintenance of a fully equipped vehicle to facilitate the transport of the most fragile citizens. A concrete […]

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Care and maintenance of the public green with CittàGiardinoInsieme®

Ticinoplast becomes a SustainabilityEnabler for CittàGiardinoInsieme® by supporting their project dedicated to the regeneration and development of Italian squares and green areas. In particular, Ticinoplast is contributing to the maintenance of Piazza Duca d’Aosta in Milan. In this project, we are committed to taking care of our community, also by offering job opportunities to the […]

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